Music Monday

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello! I'm in Delaware!
I've been waiting  a long time to say that....
also, I am unbelievably happy to be reunited with my partner in crime
and studying like a crazy person, so expect the posts to be few and far between this month.

Wedding Wednesday: shoes

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I've been thinking a lot about wedding shoes lately- probably because I just purchased a pair of powder-blue micro-wedges to swap into for the reception. It makes me feel a little less ridiculous about the prospect of teetering around a pothole-ridden village- on a mountain side, no less- in stilettos. I love the idea of organic details, like braids, leaves, or vines- it makes the look more ethereal, which is kind of what I'm going for. :)
Wedding Wednesday: shoes

Alexander McQueen gold shoes

KOTUR gold shoes

Casadei leather shoes
$620 -

Music Monday

Monday, June 23, 2014

Gypsy Rock

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Gypsy Rock

Vero Moda sleeveless shirt
$27 -

Whistles black shorts
$76 -

Wingtip shoes

Silver ring
$8.47 -

H M ring
$5.07 -

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Nasty Gal bowler hat

Unisex Suspender
$27 -

Matte lipstick

Music Monday, a Birthday, and the NPR Song Challenge

Monday, June 16, 2014

It's my birthday.
Quarter century...
And I can rent cars (!)
So go me?

Yea, not an exciting birthday,
as I'm a few weeks away from a major exam.
So I won't be doing anything today.
But I will be sharing photos some time this week from the epic birthday weekend Peter planned for me
{it was early, since my exams are around the corner}

I figured I could celebrate by sucking up my laziness and completing the NPR song challenge
I first heard about it on Betsy's blog,
and I've been wanting to do it ever since,
but I take these things VERY seriously.
So I took my time
{I put it off for months and it took four minutes this morning. I'm impulsive, what can I say?}

Here it is-
Be warned, things are gonna get awkward real fast!

1. Cat Stevens- Moon Shadow

This song and I go wayyyy back. My lovely mother used to sing us songs at bedtime, and this was one of them. I didn't know it was a Cat Stevens song then. We listened to his records all through child hood, and when I was fifteen and boarded a plane alone for the first time, my Dad sent me on my way with his best hits CD for my walkman. So I guess you can say it's a family thing :)

2. Linkin Park- Numb

I could have glazed over this one. It's not the type of music I listen to often any more. But that would be dishonest, less awkward, and no fun at all, so what the hell- I was an angsty, artsy teenager, and the chick in this video {who also starred in Step Up 2- The Streetz! Kind of ruined it for me} seemed to share my angst- obviously, in my self-centered teenaged head, she was me. besides, I probably listened to this song a total of 1,565 times, so it definitely tells a part of my life story. haha. I hated my middle school, I had no friends, nobody got me and I loved to draw. This video/song were made for 13 year old me.

3. Less Than Jake- The Science of Selling Yourself Short

Moving on to high school- the angst was still there, it was just more upbeat! I spent a lot of time in high school going to local ska shows- some put on by my friends' short lived local legend, Skuff'd Shoes. I still cringe when I realize that I met the lead singer of Less Than Jake, Roger, and asked him why he played his bass guitar with a guitar  pick. I warned you....Awkwarddddd

4. Fleetwood Mac- Never Going Back Again

I first fell in love with Fleetwood Mac- the British-American rock band moreso than the original, more bluesy British group- some time in 10th grade with their self-titled album, but it was Rumours that changed everything for me. I couldn't get enough of that sound- it was even hard now to choose one song from this record, and I am still torn- Second Hand News is so catchy, and The Chain is just plain epic. But Never Going Back Again fits with my still-angsty high school personality. Also, it's simply beautiful. 

5. Iron and Wine- He Lays in the Reins

Fleetwood Mac's Rumours opened up a whole new genre to me- folk. I picked up the In the Reins EP from my best friend at the time, and I was done- It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. The soft melodies, the imagery {I was a horse girl and very into Clint Eastwood Westerns}- I can't put into words what this song, what this record, meant to me at the time. The fact that I still listen to it regularly, even now, almost 10 years later, is the only way I can demonstrate the power of this song. Years later, my fiance and I bonded over the message hidden in the words of the Spanish Singer
I never thought that I'd ever have the chance to rediscover the road again and make a better world. 
6. Orthodox Chant- Agni Parthene

I almost chose Foo Fighter's Best of You for this spot, but I have to give it to this Orthodox hymn written by Saint Nektarios. My mother actually recorded a version of this song in harmony with a friend, and I wish I could figure out how to share it here; it's so beautiful and calming. She will be chanting at my wedding on Crete, and this is what I will walk down the aisle to. 

So there you have it. my #6songs. What are yours?



Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saw this on Joanna Goddard's blog and had to share
My Dad has taken on many of these roles in mine and my brothers and sisters' lives.
I'm forever grateful that I had such a caring man in my life. 
When I met Peter I knew who he would become to me, because saw in him the same qualities that I saw in my own Father throughout the different stages of my life. 
For this reason I know he'll be a great father to our own little weasels one day :)

Especially now,
On a rotation where I see so many young boys and girls struggle and stumble without a father's guidance,
I thank God that a strong man was there for me from day one,
To support me, to protect me, and to teach me right from wrong.
Happy Fathers Day, Dad. 
I love you.

Wedding Wednesday: The Honeymoon, or let's run away to Santorini RIGHT NOW.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I've always been a big dreamer,
For better or for worse,
I always need to be planning the next trip, adventure or step in life.
Now that I've been rooted to the U.S. more than ever,
I have to quell the urge to pack up and go somewhere by planning my future.
It could be a weekend with Peter, or it could be my long-wanted venture to New Zealand,
It's the only thing that keeps me sane while I'm stuck stateside,
working towards this crazy goal to become a physician.
{it's also kind of why I started this blog.}

Lately, most of my planning has been for our honeymoon in Santorini
True, this role is traditionally relegated to the groom,
I find it strangely motivating to hunt down Santorini's best-kept secrets
I kind of see it as my reward for surviving the next 358 days of craziness :)
Anyways, Peter will ultimately plan everything out,
And he actually has a friend who can get us a great deal at a private apartment overlooking the caldera,
But I'm still having fun looking around for a few hidden gems.

So enough ranting from me-
Here's a few stunning spots and hotels that I've found so far!

1. Imerovigli

Music Monday

Monday, June 9, 2014

ambient, synthetic-sounding music is not usually my thing.
I'm definitely prefer the traditional, rich sounds of classic rock/folk/blues

But I stumbled on a few artists from NPR's top 50 albums of 2013
That I actually love
And are completely synthetic.
I don't even know what category I'd put them in, but they're somehow addicting
I had never heard of Blood Orange,
but I can't get chamakay out of my head :)

Same's true of this one:
{fair warning: the video get's a little intimate.}

So what else am I missing out on? 
Any new or unexpected artists or genres you've gotten into lately? 

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So, I'm probably not going to have a bachelorette party.
Not because my friends aren't awesome,
but because they're scattered across the East Coast doing very amazing things
on very different schedules.

Also, being a 4th year medical student is not conducive to partying/R&R of any kind....
So instead, I figured we could all just day dream about.
I mean, that's kind of close, right? X(

Here's a few things I think would be really fun today with my closest friends in tow

1. The Beach House in the Keys
I may be obsessed with beach houses now that I live in one.
If I decide out of the blue that I need to feel my toes in the sand,
and the waves rushing around my ankles,
It's happening within 5 minutes' time.

So a brightly painted beach house on one of the more secluded keys might be perfect.
Plus no one needs to be DD when the distance from the bar to bed is < 25 feet


2. Boat Rental
I saw a groupon for getting a fairly large boat for a day,
and was impressed that it wasn't actually crazy expensive...
Assuming your girls 
{and let's be real, me, myself and I}
aren't the type to get sea sick
or freak out about that lone great white who has decided to haunt Florida's coast line 
This could be super fun! 

3. Concert
I admit, this plan is slightly flawed
as my diverse friend groups from all walks of life 
have different definitions of what constitutes good music/a good concert
and none of those definitions include Neil Young {sad face.}
Still, given the right circumstances and timing, 
a night of VIP treatment and an awesome dance party could be kind of amazing. 

4. Camping
This one's probably the most me. 
Again, it takes a lottttttt of planning. 
And at least a few of my beloved and strong-willed sisters would struggle even in an RV.
But spending the days hiking and swimming 
and the nights relaxing by a fire is what my dreams are made of. 
So it's going on the list.

Music Monday

Sunday, June 1, 2014

While I'm super excited about our first dance at the wedding,
I'm also super pumped to share a father-daughter dance.
Music was what my Dad and I always bonded over...

It was the one thing that united us as we clashed over and over again
Over my clothing, curfew and poor life choices
(I wanted to dye my hair teal. Still not sure if that's a poor life choice or an awesome one, haha)

We could discuss Bob Dylan's lyrics for hours
Be entranced by concert DVD's from Woodstock to Crossroads to Linkin Park
(I have no regrets. I got a lot of angst out through that band!)

From No Doubt to Neil Young, music was the common thread that kept my Dad and I from self-destructing our relationship during my teenage years.

I told my Dad to pick the song we'd dance to,
But this one came to mind and I had to share it
especially since Father's Day is coming around :)