Music Monday

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I know what you're thinking...two posts in 24 hours?? Things are getting pretty wild over here!

{kidding. don't hold your breath, guys.}

The Very Best is a band I discovered through an old friend in college. He burned me a copy of Warm Heart of Africa. It was a collaboration between Radioclit, a London DJ, and a Malawian singer named Esau Mamwaya. You can check out their full discography here. I love the sounds, the vocals, the beats- pretty much everything about the album is unique and weirdly uplifting.

This is a song they performed with Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend helping out on vocals. Personally, I think it's a great way to start the week on an upbeat note.

And on that, have a great week (:

Lessons learned on an acting internship

So my Sub-Internship in pediatrics is officially over. I can't say it was the easiest time in my life, but I definitely wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. The way it was described to me- the long hours, being at the bottom of the totem pole, dealing with all different personalities- didn't make it sound like it would be a time in my life that I actually enjoyed. And don't get me wrong- it was hard. But guys, here's the crazy part- I actually enjoyed myself. I think overall,the key was remembering that my work- even the scut work- was making a child feel better- getting them stable and out of the hospital and on with their lives. And that's why I went into this field in the first place, as cheesy as that sounds.

So without further ado, I figured I'd share some tips on how to make a day or night on internship (or any crazy busy time in your life) a little less stressful.

1. Kindness gets you a lot farther than a bad attitude. This really goes for any situation in life. Even when people treat you horribly (and sometimes this happens, even in the so-called real world,) and you don't feel like putting on a friendly face. Digging your heels in or showing some sass, especially when you're at the bottom of the food chain, is not going to get you far, at all. I found that I got along with every single personality in the group I was with, not because I am easy going or the most likeable person, but because I tried to be kind regardless of my mood, the time of day, or if I felt like it. The truth is, most people aren't being cruel, rude or nasty for no good reason. And once you realize that, it's a lot easier to show them a little patience and good will- after all, they probably need it.

2. Get a good night's sleep. and also some coffee. This one might be a little specific to me. Anyone else out there useless without some good rest? If some decent sleep with naps in between is what it takes for someone to give 100% at their job, then so be it. I also hadn't been drinking coffee or tea in a couple of months, but I found I really needed it on this rotation. And you know what? that's ok. Do whatever you've got to do to perform your best on this rotation.

3. You don't have to be the smartest person there. And quite frankly, you shouldn't be. I was really nervous going in that I wouldn't be "smart enough," but I quickly learned that the so-called "genius" is definitely not what the residents and faculty are looking for. The interns especially don't want you to be jumping in to answer every question- that makes them look bad. Doing well on this rotation was way more about showing up on time and showing enthusiasm than chiming in to answer each question correctly. Remember, they're looking to hire someone they'd be willing to put up with every day- that usually isn't the know it all that makes them look bad

4. Offer to help. I felt myself repeating the same question over and over again on this rotation- 'do you need any help? can I do anything to help out?' By the first week I was definitely questioning my questioning, haha! Was I being annoying? Too eager? When my night intern surprised me with a small thank you gift at the end of the rotation, I breathed a sigh of relief. It probably is a teensy bit obnoxious, and I doubt my time spent entering lab values and hunting down records was all that helpful, but the act of showing you want to help and be part of the team means a lot to them.

5. When all else fails, laugh about it. Guys, being a resident is hard. It's hard on your body, on your brain and on your spirit. Kids are awesome, and it makes it so much harder when things do not go well for them. Being up at 4 in the morning working on your 10th admission may seem like a weird time to start quoting Clueless, watching The Wedding Planner in the background or belting out Sam Smith (yes, all of these things happened!), but if that's what it takes to keep from burning out- do it.

That's it from me for now. How did you rock your internship? Feel free to share your life pro tips here :)


Music Monday

Monday, October 13, 2014

Guys. I have my first interview tomorrow (!) My mood has been oscillating between nervous and excited to give this interview thing a shot!

In other news, it looks like I'll be having an unexpected and completely awesome run-in with my old roommates on our old stomping grounds in Tallahassee. I couldn't be more thrilled! Anyone have any ideas for the gift that says I-miss-you-and-your-weird-idiosyncrasies-and-also-your-awesome-hipster-music? Yep, you read that right- Anne and Onalee will both be in Florida the same time as me!

This weekend Peter sent me this video, a friendly reminder that he went through a Marvin Gaye phase (and further evidence that we are completely meant-2-b :-p)

I can't even tell you how much I love motown. It's good for the soul, I'm convinced of it. Have an awesome week, folks. Got any go-to tips for me on nailing a dream interview?

Music Monday

Monday, October 6, 2014

Currently I am on nights, so I have very little time/energy. But here's one of the songs that keeps my mood up when it's 3 am and all I want to do is take a snooze in the hospital chapel

Have a great week everyone :)