Music Monday

Monday, July 22, 2013

You guys are getting two for the price of one today
Aren't you just the luckiest!
that is, if {you} actually exist :)

Found this gem on reddit
Made me think about how few top 40 artists of our day 
would actually sound anywhere near this good 
if you stripped them of the synthesizers
their million dollar producers
and big budget music videos
and stuck them in an empty hall
and just let them go.

I think the number lies somewhere between zero and .5 
{No offense to Celine D. 
She is a vocal beast and I love her.} 

what do you guys think? 
anyone you know of today who could pull this off?

And Peter sent me this this morning
after a rough and stressful night.
I think. 
I think
he just might be a keeper (:

hope everyone has a wonderful and productive week!

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