Just popping in...

Friday, October 9, 2015

How's everybody doing? It's been a busy 3 weeks here (hence the radio silence) but I've now got a full two days off!! And my parents will be here!! So I am pretty pumped about that. I got my old iPod from Florida and I've been breaking back into my massive RHCP archives. I never loved this song, but for some reason, the moodiness and pessimism in it. Not that I'm feeling totally down depressed or hopeless, but I have been pretty disappointed in the happenings in the world around me. I feel sort of helpless when I hear about the things going on around me, because I feel in no position to help at the moment, since I'm barely out of medical school. Here's a few things I have been getting into lately (when I'm not working or sleeping.)

Humans of New York really hit it home these past few weeks with its stories about the Syrians migrating into Europe and the incredible lengths they've taken to get here. Some -make that all- of them are heart-wrenching.

Lent is coming up (again! this year is flying by...) and this tofu tutorial from ABM is gonna be clutch. I've never made tofu before but maybe it's time to try. Any good recipes to recommend?

They say Neil Young is the Granddaddy of Grunge.... maybe that's why this Nirvana song sounds so much like it could be one of his?

I have always had a hard time shopping ethically. It's really something I want to do better with this year. My solution had initially been to avoid buying clothes as much as possible but that hasn't worked well going into winter in a much colder climate- I need a coat! So I was completely inspired and relieved to find Cara Bartlett's feed, Bienfaire, specializes in US-made and ethically sourced clothing that looks really good. Totally impressed.

And last, but certainly not least- funny and cute all in one
:) Have a great weekend.