Songs that sound like crisp fall air

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Music has always been such a massive part of my life. From early childhood I have distinct memories surrounding music- of listening to Bob Dylan crowing hoarsely outside on our patio, to falling asleep on a long haul in our big green van to the sound of No Doubt's ex-girlfriend. I would watch VHS tapes of B.B. King and Stevie Ray Vaughn with my Dad in his smoky music room, and lie on itchy blankets in the grass on a warm, wet Florida July evening listening to my Mother play the Sousa Alarm in a university band (she wasn't a student there, to be clear- she just loved playing so much she convinced the conductor to let her play each summer. Wonder where I get this love of music from...)

One of my most distinct memories is that time of year when the weather changes (yes, it happens in Florida too)- the air becomes crisper, clear, dry and cold. We had a family car when we were growing up- a gold 1980s Volvo that belonged to my grandmother and was shared among the cousins who were old enough to drive for years after she passed away. My brother and I inherited it around 2005. The AC worked intermittently at best, and those cool mornings driving to school with him were some of my favorite memories from high school.

We both became obsessed with the In the Reins EP. I've written about it before- the blend of Americana steel guitar and Mariachi-style brass instruments blends into a strange-sounding album that's only imperfection is being too short. Here's one example but I highly, highly recommend listening to the full EP. It is easily one of my favorite albums of all time. (Sidebar: I ran into Sam Beam in the parking lot before he played a show when I was in college. It was one of the best moments of my life. Later that evening he dedicated the song 'History of Lovers' to his 'friends from the parking lot.' I have the blurry digital photo to prove it too if you keep scrolling.)

This is a terrible picture and I love it so much. Taken at The Moon in Tallahassee in 2008.

All this to say, I love how music brings you back to a specific place and time in your life. It's such a beautiful, strange phenomenon, isn't it? Also on my fall list: Snow Patrol's Final Straw (the opening track) and Taylor Swift's Red (the whole album, although I'm not as into the more upbeat, pop tracks.) What's on your fall playlist?