Monday, June 22, 2015

Just some happy vibes to get you going on this Monday- have a great week!

A few from London

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sadly enough, I haven't been on any overseas trips since starting this blog. Ironically, that was my whole intention with this thing- to share travels, life abroad, and, in particular, my favorite Greek isle ;-) Therefore, it's with great pleasure that I photo-bomb this space with some truly rad places, starting off in London:

Mind you, people travel to, live in and blog about London all the time, so this is by no means the best source for information on the best sites, food or spots to hit in the city. It's just one perspective. So rather than go into detail about each and every venue we checked out, I'll just breeze over things. Hope you enjoy!

Sites (in no particular order:)
- Victoria and Albert Museum
- Saint Paul's Cathedral
- Tower Bridge (probably what you picture when you hear London Bridge)
- Buckingham Palace
- Notting Hill (cutest neighborhood in London)

- Borough Market
- Falafel King in Portobello Market
- National Portrait Gallery (great views for tea!)
- Vertigo 42 (more great views for tea!)
- Pizza Express
- Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Putney favorites (mostly food and drink spots:)
- The Ship- great for drinks on the river
- Bill's for brunch
- The Spotted Horse if you're craving traditional pub food
-The Swift  cute pub with a great selection of craft beers
- Putney Half-Moon (never actually been, but it's a venue that's hosted some amazing local bands, including Zeppelin and my now-husband's old group, Dufff- obviously had to brag a bit about that one!)

(By the way, if you do want an in-depth source or two of what London has to offer, I'd definitely check out The Londoner, Cider with Rosie, NishaAntisu, and Aspiring Kennedy. These are the blogs I scan for tips on what to do on each trip.)

Not from London, obvs, but so happy to almost be en route!

Married Monday

Monday, June 8, 2015

Sorry for the radio silence over here, but since last week we've been scrambling to pull this wedding off, with more than a few last minute catastrophes rearing their ugly heads! Somehow, we managed to pull it off though, and I'm happy to say I am officially a Mrs to the most wonderful man :)

We're happy, exhausted, and currently enjoying our honeymoon far removed from the rest of the world. I probably won't do a proper post again until we return to the U.S. but until then, here's the playlist we have on repeat over here in Santorini ;-) Enjoy!