Music Monday

Sunday, June 1, 2014

While I'm super excited about our first dance at the wedding,
I'm also super pumped to share a father-daughter dance.
Music was what my Dad and I always bonded over...

It was the one thing that united us as we clashed over and over again
Over my clothing, curfew and poor life choices
(I wanted to dye my hair teal. Still not sure if that's a poor life choice or an awesome one, haha)

We could discuss Bob Dylan's lyrics for hours
Be entranced by concert DVD's from Woodstock to Crossroads to Linkin Park
(I have no regrets. I got a lot of angst out through that band!)

From No Doubt to Neil Young, music was the common thread that kept my Dad and I from self-destructing our relationship during my teenage years.

I told my Dad to pick the song we'd dance to,
But this one came to mind and I had to share it
especially since Father's Day is coming around :)

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