Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

So, I'm probably not going to have a bachelorette party.
Not because my friends aren't awesome,
but because they're scattered across the East Coast doing very amazing things
on very different schedules.

Also, being a 4th year medical student is not conducive to partying/R&R of any kind....
So instead, I figured we could all just day dream about.
I mean, that's kind of close, right? X(

Here's a few things I think would be really fun today with my closest friends in tow

1. The Beach House in the Keys
I may be obsessed with beach houses now that I live in one.
If I decide out of the blue that I need to feel my toes in the sand,
and the waves rushing around my ankles,
It's happening within 5 minutes' time.

So a brightly painted beach house on one of the more secluded keys might be perfect.
Plus no one needs to be DD when the distance from the bar to bed is < 25 feet


2. Boat Rental
I saw a groupon for getting a fairly large boat for a day,
and was impressed that it wasn't actually crazy expensive...
Assuming your girls 
{and let's be real, me, myself and I}
aren't the type to get sea sick
or freak out about that lone great white who has decided to haunt Florida's coast line 
This could be super fun! 

3. Concert
I admit, this plan is slightly flawed
as my diverse friend groups from all walks of life 
have different definitions of what constitutes good music/a good concert
and none of those definitions include Neil Young {sad face.}
Still, given the right circumstances and timing, 
a night of VIP treatment and an awesome dance party could be kind of amazing. 

4. Camping
This one's probably the most me. 
Again, it takes a lottttttt of planning. 
And at least a few of my beloved and strong-willed sisters would struggle even in an RV.
But spending the days hiking and swimming 
and the nights relaxing by a fire is what my dreams are made of. 
So it's going on the list.

alright gals 
did I miss anything? 
Is there some other awesome alternative I should look into?
I'd love to hear a few suggestions :)


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