Sunday, June 15, 2014

Saw this on Joanna Goddard's blog and had to share
My Dad has taken on many of these roles in mine and my brothers and sisters' lives.
I'm forever grateful that I had such a caring man in my life. 
When I met Peter I knew who he would become to me, because saw in him the same qualities that I saw in my own Father throughout the different stages of my life. 
For this reason I know he'll be a great father to our own little weasels one day :)

Especially now,
On a rotation where I see so many young boys and girls struggle and stumble without a father's guidance,
I thank God that a strong man was there for me from day one,
To support me, to protect me, and to teach me right from wrong.
Happy Fathers Day, Dad. 
I love you.

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