Music Monday- The Waiting {it's the hardest part}

Monday, September 15, 2014

Well, today is Monday.
And not just any Monday-
It's the day ERAS applications go out.

I'm sure the majority of you {if there is a you- and if not, I don't blame you, I'm terrible at this whole blog-on-the-reg thing,} are probably raising your eyebrows right now. My bad. Basically today's the day I send out my application for residency programs and desperately hope they email me back saying, "yes! we want you! come interview here!!" This may be a slight dramatization, but that's how I'm feeling right about now. I've flung myself on paper at 80 different programs. We're just gonna have to see where I stick.

It's exciting, because it means I'm one step closer to knowing where Peter and I will start our lives together. It's terrifying because it means I'll know if all the years hard work I've put in during my adult life have meant something. My hands are shaking. My chest feels funny. My thoughts are racing a mile a minute. It's thrilling and it's wonderful and it's awful.

I was driving to the hospital, feeling all these feelings, when this song came on the radio. Music, your timing never fails to be impeccable.

I know it's been a music monday song before, but oh well. It's just too fitting for today.

What's everyone up to these days in blog world? Planning any cool adventures? I'm definitely getting the itch to explore somewhere new, hopefully Peter and I can go on a trip sooner rather than later...

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