The End and the Beginning

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

somewhere in New Mexico, 2011 

It's hard to explain how I feel right now. There's so many changes happening at once that I can't really process them all, which is sort of a good thing. If I really had all my faculties intact, I'd be panicking about where we're going to be moving after the Match on Friday. But Peter moves to Florida tomorrow, and after a 4 year cross-continent/cross country relationship, all I can feel is happiness, anticipation and contentment about this change in our life. Change for the better. Our favorite song used to be The Waiting, by Tom Petty. It always felt like we were waiting around for our life together to really get started. Well now it's happening and I find myself part thrilled, part in shock and part too distracted by the match and our upcoming wedding to notice!

Peter and I have traveled through two continents, four countries and seventeen U.S. states. I wouldn't trade any of our adventures together for the world. But I am beyond thrilled that this long time apart is coming to an end. Love you, babe. Can't wait for this new adventure with you. 

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