Music Monday

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hey Guys! Sorry for delay. I had another interview yesterday followed by a 3 hour drive last night, a 5 am flight this morning followed by another 3 hour drive this afternoon. Don't ask me why I am doing this to myself. {gag.} But I get to see Peter, AND one of my best friends from college. So it's all worth it in the end :)

Last weekend I FINALLY checked out Record Rack and spent wayyyy too many dollars on second and hand new vinyls. It was totally worth it. Here's a sample of what we jammed to over the weekend on our record player. I hope to get a chance to write up this place, because it's awesome and if you care about music at all/ live in the South Florida area you should check it out. Right this second. We're talking music and deals worth cutting class for, kids.

Have a great week, folks. Anyone have any recommendations for things to do in the tri-state area in winter time? 


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