Thanksgiving in the Frigid North

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

We only spent a couple of days up in Massachusetts for Thanksgiving
But I'm really glad we did.
In spite of the heinous 11 hour drive through heavy traffic and slick icy roads,
We came in near midnight to a gentle snow fall.
And that magical calm remained with us for the duration of our time there.

It was great to see my brother, for one.
We were best friends growing up.
He moved up there over a year ago now, and since then we've all missed him terribly.

For another,
my cousins live on a large strip of land in Western Massachusetts
On which my Aunt Maggie has a huge garden, and raises chickens,
and is essentially an all-around badass
{she once asked for a truckload of manure for her birthday.
How many girls do you know who would do such a thing?}

Peter and I were more than happy to help with chores around the land.
He was quite keen to get on the tractor

And I was happy to feed the chickens and collect their eggs :)

This is me with my cousin Katia.
She is a pretty hilarious and clever girl
Hence the blurry laughing photo :)

In spite of the cold, we spent  a lot of time outdoors
It was just too beautiful outside not to.

Peter and the Michelin man 

Not my boots. 
But I totally wish that they were.

My Uncle is actually Peter's Godfather.
He was kind enough to take us to the log cabin my cousins grew up in.
It's now being used to start and Orthodox Christian Mission
It was such a beautiful, peaceful place,
the perfect little spiritual home in the woods for prayer and reflection.
It was also really sweet to see my uncle, 
A high school football star,
Teach Peter a little about the sport

And of course-
The feast!
It was a lenten Thanksgiving,
Meaning turkey was replaced with fresh baked fish,
Sweet potatoes, and heaps of autumn vegetables
{A few left over from my aunt's last harvest}

Great food,
Good drink,
And the finest company West of Worcester
What more could you want?

Peter and I are both so thankful,
Not only for our weird and wonderful immediate families 
{and they are pretty darn wonderful}
But for the extended relatives who made us feel so welcome and at home this year.
We are very blessed.

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