Thanksgiving break

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hey Guys!

I guess it's about time I shared photos from over a month ago. Now or never, eh? ;-)

I spent most of the break in Delaware with Peter.
So these are the photos from that part of my trip.

And when I wasn't huddled under bundles of layers trying not to freeze, like this:

Yes. This is what
Florida sunshine
ultimately does to one's

I had a pretty awesome time!

We found the coolest pub in Lancaster, PA, run by two Irishmen from Cork.
They had Magners, so obviously I was a happy girl :)

 The Lancaster Market was quite impressive.
it was my first exposure to the Amish people and culture,
but had so much more than that to offer
{as evidenced by Peter's falafel and frappe from a Greek kiosque}

 Peter loved this herb and tea market
And the pub {Tellus Three Sixty}
was attached to a cute little shop
{double win!}

We ended the night with this gorgeous sunset.
It could not have been more lovely.

Next up, the Brandywine Museum...

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