Music Monday!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Well Hello!

and sorry for the absence on TBT! I was having way too much fun (and way too much food) on our cold Thanksgiving up North. Peter and I drove up to see our cousins and my brother, who live in rural Massachusetts. it was our first thanksgiving together, and it was lovely.

Proof of said loveliness:

Top right is my Uncle Mike (Peter's koumbaro) teaching him all about American football!

Me with my awesome brother...before he pinched me 

See how lovely it was?

Anyways, for music monday today I thought I'd throw up some Black Keys for you guys
(or just Peter, more likely.)

The two of us were just talking about how we've yet to go to a really great show together,
or at all, really, in the past few years.
The last great show I saw was Bright Eyes in 2011 in Tally,
and I missed Band of Horses when they rolled through (student tickets are free!!
I am still kicking myself for that.)

And these dudes-
they put on a great show.
I just know they do. You can tell.
Has anyone out there seen them live?

So here ya go, folks,

Happy Monday! 

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