Friday, August 30, 2013

This weekend
Peter and I are going to Captiva.

Captiva circa 2004

Captiva is a sleepy little island off the West Coast of Florida.
My family-
Papou and Yiayia, cousins, and all-
Have vacationed here since the 1970s.
When I was 9,
I wrote a journal entry about why Captiva was my favorite place.
It still is 
{yep, even beats Crete!}
But this weekend is extra special, as I get to bring THIS GUY along!!

{in case you did not realize who 'this guy' was. You silly goose, you.} 

I'm so excited to share this little piece of my childhood paradise with him.
Captiva is not the most glamorous of places,
It hasn't got the most exciting night life,
or the most luxuriant rooms,
But it's quiet.
and laid back,
and oh-so-very relaxing.
Basically, it's exactly what I need this weekend. 

Hope you all {or whoever reads this} have a wonderful weekend!
Here's some fun links to read on your extra day off:

1. An Orthodox Women's monastery based outside of Pittsburgh. Hopefully Peter and I can visit some time
2. Loved this reddit Q&A with the president of MSF, one of the reasons I went into medicine.
3. Would love to peruse through this book at some point! I love Middle Earth artwork, and it's SO COOL that Tolkien did some of his own sketches for The Hobbit. 
4. I really love ρεβύθια, a Greek chickpea soup the served at the cafeteria at University of Crete. It's not exactly easy to find in the U.S., but this recipe really satisfies my cravings! 
{Just sub the rosemary for dill. pounds and pounds of dill. And extra oil and lemon!
5. Thought this was pretty funny. Peter did too!

P.S. Many years to all the Johns who celebrated Thursday!

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