Thursday, August 29, 2013

I did it.
I passed my boards exams.

It took two tries,
three months,
sleepless nights of feeling discouraged and downtrodden. 
But I made it. 
And I still get to be a doctor
and take care of kids, 
Maybe here in Florida,
or in New Zealand,
or London. 

It doesn't matter. It's happening!
And you know what?

All it took 
{besides hours of studying}
was a little bit of confidence.

cue photo of reflective girl gazing reflectively into reflective water. 

it's always been something I've lacked.
I've never been the coolest girl,
the smartest, 
or the prettiest. 

I've always doubted my choices
my decisions,
and my capabilities.
Well, guess what, guys?

I'm done with that.

This year, 
I'm going to work harder than I ever have.
I'm going to do my best.
And I'm not going to worry any more as much. 
 Wherever I match for residency,
I'm going to be just fine. 

Because I am enough.

Thank You from the bottom of my heart,
to all of the people,
My parents, 
my boyfriend,
my girls, 
those who I've grown up with,
and those who I've never met,
You helped me get here.
So Thank You.


  1. WELL DONE!!! I knew you can do it. (ps. don't forget the big guy played a role too)

  2. Yes, of course. Hence the cross. But that reminds me we NEED to say evening prayers when I see you TONIGHT :D