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Monday, July 15, 2013

Hey Guys,

Last week I found out I did not pass my boards exams
this means I cannot go on in my third year rotations
until I've retaken it 
{and passed it this time around} 
I've never been so upset about something academic in my life
and I considered not talking about it here
but that would be lying

A lot of bloggers
{and facebookers, and myspacers, for that matter}
paint a beautiful picture of their lives
they selectively filter what they share with others
and while that's fine,
I didn't wan to create an illusion online that my life is perfect.

Because it isn't
It's wonderful and full of blessings
but it certainly isn't perfect. 

So here's to mistakes
the blemishes in our lives that make us human,
and most of all,
to second chances.

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