Life's a Beach (or maybe a pool)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I had such a great weekend.
It one of those weekends that you just need,
to recharge your battery,
and return to work or your pursuits ready to kick some butt.
{Ok, I'm not quite at that point yet.}

But I feel gooooood. 
I spent 4th of July AM seeing inpatients,
Then bounced from the pool

to the beach

and then back ;)

I put on SPF4 "sunblock"
and, needless to say, got burned like a lobstah!
Oh well...
Not only that,
but I also fell asleep before the fireworks went off!
Talk about unpatriotic -_-

anyways, I will post the rest of the weekend photos tomorrow
but I had to share this madewell tote-
a birthday gift from Peter-
Because I am kind of in love with it.

I love the pockets,
the leather trim (classy)
and the convenient double handles
Basically, it's the bomb{dot}com
Thanks babe!
It's definitely my new summer essential :)

Have a great week folks
I promise more substantial posts are coming soon!

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