Music Monday- house edition

Monday, April 22, 2013

So in a humorous twist of fate,
both Peter and I are house/apartment hunting at the same time
but separately. 
It's been fun, gut-wrenching, exhausting and educational all at the same time. 

While Peter house-hunts for a room that's biking-distance from work
and open to letting him have guests,
One of my to-be roommates and I went down to where we'll be rotating last weekend,
and both fell in love with the same house
(JUST the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms,
hardwood floors, 
a perfect sunroom
CEDARWOOD CLOSETS- I didn't even know this was a thing
but now I want 'em)
only to find out it wasn't actually available.
I guess that's what we get for breaking and entering through a mailslot
(true story. we are legit creeps.)

There is another house 
that we both also love,
but it's wayy more than 3 girls need 
(FIVE bedrooms, party pool, bar, the works) 
and also way more expensive.
We're currently waiting
to hear  back from a fourth person 
which would obviously make it affordable

And lastly, there is a third house
that we both agreed we can settle for 
If both above houses fall through
(which seems pretty likely.)

It's not the prettiest
so to cheer myself up about it,
with a few ideas of how to make it nice
and cozy. 
I found this website especially helpful 
it's got great tips on how to make cool wall collages,
and simple DIY repairs 
to spruce up even the fugliest of houses.
Also, a cute kid and a dog make random appearances.

So, now that my novel is done,
here's the song of the week.

Only seemed appropriate.
plus, Neil Young <3. 
Have a wonderful week!

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