Art and Iphones

Thursday, April 25, 2013

So, my dumb phone not smart mobile phone
pulled a fast one on me and stopped holding its charge.

Until recently I have been really resistant to the idea of a smartphone of any kind.
Mostly this stems from my resistance to change in general,
but also from a stupid bet I made with the oft-mentioned boyfriend
who will totally shove it in my face if I lose
(and then hug me and tell me I am beautiful.
He's just that good.)

But on a perfectly practical note,
smartphones will soon be a necessity to my education
followed by my career.
I mean,
How many of my two followers the lovely people who enjoy reading this blog
have seen their doctor pull up disease facts on their iphones
or calculate dosage, or a BMI?
Yea. I bet you both alllll raised your hands in the the back of your heads.

So of course I went for the iphone 5. 
When I finally cave in to trends
(which I am generally slow to do)
I go all in
Jump right on that bandwagon.

And WITH said iphone 5
comes a fancy-pants little iphone case 
which I am ALMOST more excited for
than the smartphone itself
what is wrong with me?

Anyways, I love the idea of using traditional art on an iphone case
They have an incredible selection 
of all my favorite artists


even the slightly obscure (but ever awesome) Kunstformen

and then there's these designs
by Etsy graphic design artist csera
She is seriously amazing
(and reasonably priced.)
My two favorites:

and this is just to trippy for words: 

and this one is gorgeous too! 
Why must these silly little life choices be so hard?!

My Dad also suggested I use this website
They have SUPERCUTE cases
if you're into the monogramming thing
(alas, I am not.)

So, guys,
which one should I get? 
Where did you get your smartphone case?


  1. I hope you chose a good one in the end. I got my case for my galaxy from amazon but I go case-less now, living life on the edge :)

  2. Thanks dear, I can't wait to see how it looks! a Galaxy case would have been a good gift for you but since yours is European I wouldn't know where to find a case that fits!