Hola/Holla- Spain

Friday, September 11, 2015

We made it- after a massive traffic jam , two car stalls on the motorway, delayed flights, one protest for Catalan Independence and about 2 hours of circling Barcelona on the highway, we are comfortably nestled in to our little 2 star hotel on the edge of Barcelona's city center.

True story: we were debating whether to take Peter's Dad's volvo to the airport or the metro, and decided to go early with the car so we could grab a cup of coffee and chat before our flights with Mum and Dad before heading off. So off we go into the car, running into little to no traffic until we hit the M23, the main interstate to Gatwick.

The roadway became more and more crowded, then literally reached a complete standstill (I am not saying literally and meaning figuratively. There were people strolling about and climbing fences to see what on earth was going home.) So we popped on a country road and hurtled past hedges and lanes to bypass it, only to end up back on the M23 and again at a standstill, this time with signs overhead saying: ANIMALS IN ROAD. 20 MPH. I had a mini panic attack manifested by hair pulling but then traffic started moving and I was all great! 20 minutes until check in closes. We're gonna make it. It's gonna be great. Until Dad revved the engine...and the car wouldn't start. Apparently this is a thing. It happens once or twice a year, except this year when it happened two weeks ago and again TODAY, en route to the airport. Thank you, deceptive volvo. But, story's not over- miracle of miracles, a tow truck is behind us! Which hurried past with zero interest in helping! But then a man with a truck and a massive chain/hook thingy offered to give us a tow and all was right with the world. We made it to check in with minutes to spare, after a mild heart attack when my brain, oxygen deprived from running, blurted out the wrong city to the man at the check in counter. Winning.

But anyways. Apparently there was a horse in the road? Dear England never fails to surprise. Regardless we are now here in a quite nice 2 star hotel in spite of more delays due to the Catalan Independence protests (note to travelers, this happens annually on 9/11, prepare accordingly. We did not and spent hours circling the city unable to get in. It was incredible and also kind of stressful.) Hence zero photos on this post. I'm sorry. Bad blogging, I know. But on the plus side we got amazing wine in Logrono for a euro fifty and tried our first patates bravas (delicious, and so so unhealthy!) We ended the day with anchovy sandwiches found in the kind of desperation that only 9 hours unexpectedly being trapped on the road can create. They were surprisingly good. On that note, see you tomorrow, when we start to loosely follow this guide and get on with some adventuring! Here's our general itinerary, if you're interested!


  1. Glad you made it to Spain safely. Sounds like quite an adventure! Barbara is busy packing her suitcase. I'm glad that you and Peter will be there to greet her! Enjoy your time off!

    1. Thanks Mom :) she's going to have a great year