BIlbao via London

Thursday, September 10, 2015

We landed in London yesterday morning and slept most of the day, which was gray and cold and the sort of day that's best spent under covers nestled near to a loved one with a cup of hot tea close at hand. There's something about my husband's childhood home (in the photo above) that's just so cozy, so warm and inviting, we couldn't turn down the crisp white sheets or soft fluffy mattress even though we swore we'd just power through our jet lag. Oh, well...

We did manage to rally for drinks and dinner with the husband's brother and childhood friends which more than made up for our lazy day. I'm always reminded when we go out with native Londoners how bad I am at drinking compared to them. I get a headache after 2 pints- pretty sad. They also win at curry (thank you, Kaorsin, for the most amazing green Thai curry I have had pretty much ever.)

In the end we woke up to the most beautiful day I think I've ever experienced in London- cool, bright, sunny and breezy, with trees and greenery still bright with summer leaves. Peter and I spent the day wandering Notting Hill and Bayswater, managed to peer in at a beautiful old Orthodox church with an impressive World War II history (it was the seat of the Greek government for part of the war,) and had spanakopita and frappes at an unassuming little cafe. I have to say it may have been my favorite day in London, ever, without exaggeration. Nothing particularly spectacular or special was done, but sometimes just being in the right company makes all the difference.

Next stop is Bilbao! I'm going to try to actually post things as we do them, so we'll see how that works!

I'm particularly fond of this photo of Peter. I used the ABM tip on catchlights (it's from a while back, maybe even the spring?) to get that glimmer-y look in his eyes (swoon/gag!) it worked beautifully. I'm really motivated to use some of my vacation to try and make the big jump to shooting in manual. The few times I've tried it have ended disastrously but I really want to give it another shot (no pun intended, haha!) Any tips?

messy hair, don't care (very awkward photo of me. oh well.)


  1. So happy you guys are enjoying some down time together!

    1. Thanks Dad, me too :) can't wait to see you in a few short weeks!