One Week, One Month

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's incredible to me how much can change in a few short weeks. A week from today, I'll be a physician. A week from today, I'll be on a dreamliner, preparing to depart the U.S. for London, then Crete. A month from today, I'll be someone's wife.

Life isn't always a series of small and large changes and transitions, but for me it has been for at least 2 years now, maybe more. In college I moved far, far away, casting off the comforting but restricting confines of the tiny world I grew up in. I forged some beautiful friendships, lost others, and became even more desperate for something more. I moved even farther away- to another country, another island, another culture. Got lost, stumbled, got up, fell in love, moved home, went to medical school, fell harder, studied. studied. And then I studied some more.

Life doesn't stop for medical school- why should it? Still, you don't realize this until the final stretch. For me, this spring was the first time I came up for air in what felt like months- or even years. I found everything had shifted- my views of others, others' views of me, my place and position in what once was a familiar and safe place. For a personality as rigid as mine (big flaw, I know- I'm working on it,) this was hard- painful, even. And again, this week and the weeks to come will change things. It feels strange- like excitement and fear, all wrapped into one.

Not sure where I was going with this. Perhaps trying to get myself psyched for all the changes ahead. Which, don't get me wrong, is all really exciting. Leaping into the great unknown is something I've always greeted with relish. Then again, after months without a true home- a few weeks in with my parents Florida, a handful of days back at school, another handful of days driving up the coast to New York- I think what I'm looking forward the most to is staying in one place for awhile. I don't think there's anything more thrilling to me right now than forging a new, beautiful, scary-tiny-358-square-foot home with my almost-there-so-close-now husband. With him on my team, I'm sure we can't lose.

What about you? Are you feeling restless, needing change? Or are you eager to stay in one place for awhile?

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