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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

In the whirl of packing, wedding prep, and tying loose ends before I leave the country, this post somehow got lost in the shuffle. To be honest, I'm not too mad about it because (a) we finally got around to celebrating Peter's birthday, which is WAY more important than blogging, and (b) I just made the wedding playlists to end all playlists. Guys, they are good. And will (hopefully) get people dancing and having a good time. I'll share them on 8tracks eventually, but for now here's a quick tease!

The interesting thing about the whole process is, you can't necessarily make your perfect wedding playlist. If you really want your guests to have a good time, you have to try and get a balance of what they'll like- your cousins, your friends, and the older crowds all want to hear different things. So I skipped a few of my personal favorites (sorry, Passion Pit) in favor of impossibly catchy pop songs and some classic oldies and of course a few rock hits where I thought I could get away with it ;-). Hopefully the formula works- we'll find out soon enough!

What are your favorite wedding songs? Slow dance songs? What's the last song you want to hear at a wedding these days because you're so sick of it?

Oh yea- we're leaving the U.S. TONIGHT! First stop: London. Feel free to follow along on instagram if you'd like! :)

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