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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

My brother and sister both graduated Summa Cum Laude last weekend. Because we're all getting older (breaking news, I know!), we seem to get the whole family together less and less these days. That meant that this weekend, in spite of the chaos and long, drawn-out ceremony, had extra weight to it. Not only did it seem an auspicious moment (the two youngest members of our clan graduated from college, after all,) but every minute we spent together seemed important, somehow. Not sure if that makes sense, but there it is. These times that we're together, all seven of us, are going to become more and more rare with each passing year. We've got to make the most out of them, right?

So, we lingered. We spent extra time at brunch sitting and laughing at our cousin's dog being paranoid (she was doped up after a veterinary procedure.) Took the long way home and stopped at a country store to poke around and play with the old juke box. We sprang for the finer wine at the restaurant. We lingered on the campus green, soaking in the golden hour and our precious last moments surrounded by our university's red-brick and Spanish moss-clad lawns and gardens.

Our family to a T

Turns out, lingering is good for you. It's liberating, not having to worry about rushing on to the next event, and to soak up those last rays of sunshine. It makes for good living, and apparently more fun and goofiness in your photo subjects. I think I'll try this lingering thing more often (:

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