Music Monday: Bringing it Back Home

Monday, February 2, 2015

Another month, another exciting new locale- sort of. I'm back home at my alma mater again! Tallahassee may not be a new stop for me, but it always feels right. Like that rundown old t-shirt that's not quite your style anymore and fits a bit snugger, but still feels so easy to slip on with jeans for an easy night out. It almost feels like coming home. And coming home feels really good.

Apart from completing the rotation I was perhaps most excited for this year, I'm also looking forward to a few quality days with my brother and sister, who still live up here, and finishing up a few items off my Tallahassee bucket list that I never quite completed {in all honesty, most of them are of the gastric persuasion. I am not ashamed.} It might be a bit too cold to do Bear Creek, but I'll be damned if I don't get to the elusive sink hole with the rope swing. :)

Any other recent grads out there? What was on your school's bucket list?

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