Happy Weekend!

Friday, February 13, 2015


Hey Everyone! Are you as happy it's the weekend as I am? It's been a good rotation, but genetics is definitely keeping me busy, so I'm trying to soak up the free moments I get! I was so excited to see the island Peter and I met and will marry on, Crete, on my favorite wedding website, so I had to share, of course! I think Claire Graham's photos are amazing- the only thing she got wrong is that Crete is an island, not a country- ha! Whoops...In other news,

- What is up with all the Grammy drama revolving around Beck?? John Legend put it best on his instagram account- taste is subjective, and at the end of the day, it's all just a matter of opinion. That being said, I listened to the new record and it doesn't come close to Guero- that album was his golden age for me. Nearly every song could be a hit. 
- More music- Taylor Swift seems to be getting a little niggardly with her lyrics- I mean, I'm all about supporting the artist and respecting creative property, but this sick beat is not creative property- it's 3 words she happened to put together. I'm calling BS. 
- I found the Reformation brand when I was on the hunt for more ethically conscious clothing, and I might be obsessed with every dress they've put out (how's this one for groovy?) I'm convinced everything that they make is perfection.
- This Fifty Shades of Gray spoof is equal parts skeevy and hilarious. The lego version is a close second. 
- Amazon reviewers tear apart an anti-vaccine children's book. I know it's a bit harsh, but this new measles outbreak is bad, and endangering so many children because of a few parents' belief is even worse. Please, please, please, do your homework, read up on the debate, read up on measles- because it's not your run of the mill viral illness. Sorry, rant over.
- Eager to try out these vegetarian bowl recipes I keep seeing- especially since lent is coming up! Naturally Ella has a few good ones (this rejuvenating bowl caught my eye!) but you can seriously find them anywhere- check out this drool-worthy Middle Eastern lentil bowl. Ohdeardrea also does some good lenten recipes, and I'm eager to see what she has in her upcoming cookbook, though it won't be available till the fall (I think?)

What are your weekend plans? Is anybody doing anything special for Valentine's Day? We aren't, but Sunday marks one year since we got engaged!! Crazy, right?


  1. What does "niggardly" mean?
    And are there supposed to be links attached to your comments?

  2. niggardly (adj): not generous; stingy. If you hover your mouse over the words, you'll see that they are links! just click and they should take you to the sites or articles being described :)

  3. I had fun time dressing up pink and black and white, went out for shopping and food with my friends. Even single people can have fun on valentines day i guess x>. Good to see your blog, nice content.


    1. Thanks Saoirse! What's funny is I actually did the same thing- dinner and shopping with some girlfriends :) to be honest it was a pretty perfect day!