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Friday, August 15, 2014

Hey folks,

so I realize several weeks have gone by and I still haven't posted a word on New York. Bad, bad blogger! I know. I'm sorry. But I had good reason! I was debating putting this in such a public forum, but the truth is...

It's because we got married!

yep. you read that right.
Peter and I got hitched in New York. 

I know this is confusing. we actually haven't told a ton of people for that very reason. For one, we're both Orthodox Christians, who believe in marriage beginning before God, in the church. And we can't wait to get married in the church next summer on Crete! (yea, that's completely still happening, by the way.) 

But the truth is, Peter's visa process could take a year or more. and until he's got that sorted, he can't just leave his job and find a new one in the U.S. on the J-1 he currently has. We could be apart for another year after our church wedding, and neither of us wanted to put off starting our life together that long. We're happy to wait for our Orthodox Marriage, but spending our first year of wedded bliss miles apart just sounded totally lame. So consider this year one of our marriage. I think this quote from When Harry Met Sally nailed it: 


Lame? why yes, very! But it's also heart-wrenchingly, painfully true.

Nothing else has changed, really. I didn't even change my name to Eldridge {not yet, anyways.} He still lives and works in Delaware, and I'm still working on my medical degree in Florida. He and I are both working on submitting the forms for the application; then we'll have to be interviewed at some point on the validity of our relationship {enter blogging, ha!} and then....we wait. 

In the mean time I'll try to share some of the New York photos with you all- we both had an incredible time and were floored yet again by the kindness and generosity of the family and friends who showed up to celebrate us. in the mean time, I hope you all have an awesome weekend! 

also, a few randoms from catching up with my college roommates. Onalee hosted us the first night and the girls supplied us with our florals for our little courthouse shindig. Thanks, ladies!

All the best,


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