Wedding Wednesday: the details

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Throughout this whole planning process, I've been trying really hard not to let the inner bridezilla rear it's ugly head. The high-strung part of me tries to justify it- you only do this whole wedding thing once (if you do it right the first time)- so it has to be perfect, obviously. There's also the socially anxious part of me that envisions people walking into our wedding and seeing less than stellar flower arrangements or plastic tables and chairs and whispering about how tacky or cheap everything looks {yea, I have a very vibrant imagination.}

Obviously, none of these things will happen- people are generally nice, and the whole point of the wedding has absolutely nothing to do with our choice in rentals or foliage {I think it's something to do with finding the love of my life? not really sure...} anyways. I'm still a very visually driven person, so there are a few key things that I think really are worth the splurge in our case.

1. lighting 



To me, bistro lighting is one of the simplest ways to make for a more elegant and intimate wedding atmosphere. Especially when you think about the alternative- flood lights that wash everyone out and totally kill the mood. 

2. Wooden tables and chairs


When we decided to try and throw a wedding in Greece, both Peter and I knew exactly what we wanted- a laid back night at a Taverna under the stars with great food, an abundance of wine, and simple, unassuming decor. I love the little wooden tables and chairs that most restaurants in Greece are already equipped with- so why reinvent the wheel? They add to the atmosphere just as much as, if not moreso, than traditional decor, just from their large size and prominence in the scenery. To me they look far more elegant than round tables draped in stuffy white linens ever could. 

3. food 

Because people need to eat- and eat well- at our wedding. duh.

But in all seriousness, this is one of the biggest reasons we chose Crete for our wedding. We both love the food. We are dragging our guests through winding mountains into what is essentially the middle of nowhere- we'd better make the food well worth it. 

4. Flowers (kind of.)

I am a big time fan of flowers-to me, no wedding is complete without them. That being said, we're having a wedding outside, surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside I have ever seen- and for that reason, it doesn't need much additional work to make our reception venue gorgeous. So we will probably actually try and save here- we'll go for the bouquets with lots of olive branches and greenery, and decorate only the head table with olive branch table runners to save my parents' wallet {a teeny bit, anyways.} We will also have a mini olive tree gracing the entrance table, rather than a bouquet- they can be purchased at  a greenhouse for a measly 7 euros. The saver in me is pretty pumped about that.

Those are the main points I am focusing on for creating a beautiful atmosphere at our wedding. What do you all think? Did Peter and I miss anything?

- G

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