Hey, Y'all!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

....whoa. that title?? where did that come from? I've been in the deep south too long, folks. Ah well.

Somewhere between planning a Greek Wedding, forlornly watching my friends vacation in Greece from afar and my cousin leaving a Zoidakis CD in my car, I've been in a particular Greeky mood lately {did I just break the record for using the word Greek in a sentence?}. Maleviziotikos has always been a favorite traditional dance of mine, so here's a taste of what's coming next summer- feast your eye balls!

I've never been good at any kind of dancing, let alone traditional Greek or Cretan- but when the lyra plays this song it always stirs something deep and ancient inside me, and I find my pulse racing and a restless energy moving within me.

What do you think? is there any type of music or particular song that gets you weirdly pumped when you hear it?

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