Music Monday

Monday, October 28, 2013

So last week morning temperatures finally hit the 60s and 70s here in Florida.
This can only mean one thing: 

Yes, laugh all you want, my Northern friends,
this is as cold as it is likely to get down here in sunny Florida
{Okay, maybe it will get a little colder}

And of course, 
I had to break out my winter tunes.
You know the ones I'm talking about-
they're soft, pensive, 
slightly moody-
they just feel like winter, somehow. 

Bon Iver, 
Iron and Wine,
Counting Crows, 
They just make me want to curl up in bed on a gray day
with a warm tea and a good book. 
This is beginning to sound quite cliche so I'll stop for now. 

But one of Snow Patrol's first albums,
Final Straw,
takes me back to crisp November mornings 
when my brother and I would drive to high school in our Grandma's gold volvo
that was so old it's AC didn't work,
shivering, moody and so not ready for class.
We'd pop in our tape deck converter, and blast Final Straw the whole drive over. 
How to be Dead and Same are both gems
But Spitting Games was probably my favorite :)
after all, it's the song that introduced me to this awesome band.

Ah, memories!
Have a great week, Peter!

{if you want to.}


  1. Hmm, music for each season? How interesting. My creativity goes as far as Christmas music for December and, um, that's about it. I'll have to give your set list a go. :)

    1. TRUST me, the Christmas songs are coming!! and I am SO excited :))