Sunday Thoughts

Sunday, September 8, 2013

We need a Third person in our relationships.
Just as the priests, who embrace one another in the heart of the divine liturgy, say
"Christ is in our midst,"
So we should do the same in our life.
God is not an intruder in our personal relationships, but the One who will cleanse and perfect them.
He will make them secure because his great and eternal love will strengthen and inspire them.


This is exactly why we run to the church
where the grace of God in the sacrament of marriage will sanctify the union of the man and woman
so that they will compliment each other with their talents
and work together for a perfection which will be reflected not only in their loving relationship in this life, 
but in the eternity of the kingdom to come.

The Lord said,
'Without me you can do nothing.'


From the talk, 'Our personal relationship with God'
Archimandrite Zacharias
Saint John the Baptist Monastery, Essex

Have a blessed Sunday

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