Through the Lens: Captiva

Friday, September 6, 2013

Here's the last of the photos from our brief trip to Captiva
{do you think we took enough?}
These are from Peter
and were taken with his new fish eye camera!

Driving over!
In my pretty white dress....
which was the only thing I had that weekend.
Because I forgot my bag.
Smart girl.

The view from our unit

My Papou is a hipster.

Me and sissy!

This is a picture of my brostaki.
{and his nostrils.}

I don't know why we laid out on the golf course.
But it happened.

Watching the sunset together...
definitely my favorite night in a long time
and my favorite sunset ever!

One of my favorite shots of the weekend.
The sky was beautiful glorious stunning indescribable

Pretty typical car scene
Papou's always happy
kiddos are always on their phones.

And that's it for Captiva photos
If anyone's interested,
Peter's camera is pretty tiny and awesome.
He purchased a prototype
on a campaign- funding website,
and I have to say,


  1. Great photos. Who would have thought it was possible to have so many great memories from a single weekend?!

  2. Nice to see these pics, even tho it was a year ago. We tend to forget what nice times we've had there.

    1. Such a great place. I will be planning all my vacation time the next 3 years around Captiva.