Music Monday

Sunday, September 22, 2013

You Guys.
I start surgery today! 
I'm so excited, nervous and eager all at once.
I'm REALLY looking forward learning more about this field I know virtually nothing about
plus my doc's apparently an awesome dude.
So there's that :)

I wasn't exactly 100% sure what song I was feeling this week.
But after talking to my girl K,
I've had this one on my mind quite a lot.
We're both relatively quiet, timid people (at least until you get to know us)
and we've both been kind of walked over due to that fact
(though in very different ways.)
We kind of agreed that rather than putting energy into being frustrated about these situations,
We're going to learn from these experiences and move on.
And this song helps with that, a lot.

Plus, Roger Daltry is wicked fun to watch on stage
{yea, I just said wicked.
I got a roommate from Bahston, wuddaya gonna do about it??
sorry. I'll calm down.}

Happy Happy week folks! 
Wish me luck in surgery tomorrow!

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