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Monday, September 16, 2013

It may come as a surprise to all of you
{except Peter, obvs}
but I don't actually listen to Neil Young and/or classic rock 90% of the time 
{full disclosure- it's probably not even 50% of the time}
I actually listen to other stuff, too, sometimes.
Like this song:

I don't know much Pete Yorn at all
{I literally only know of one other song he's done}
and I have no clue where I heard about this one- probably on a trashy gossip website
because Scarlett Johanssen sang on the track.
bottom line is, this is a great song
the kind that brings you distinctly back to a certain part of your life
that you see now in a light that's much more pretty than it is realistic. 
For me this is Spring of my senior year of college
After I took my MCAT
I was a free bird
and literally the same day I found out I'd made it to the last round of selection for the Fulbright Grant
{that's how I was able to study in Greece for a year}
And then my crazy weird awesome roommates and I spent the rest of the semester
acting like fools and having a general great time.
It brings me right back there,
to afternoons strolling across Landis Green in the sunshine,
jamming out on my headphones like it's my job
and probably looking like a complete and total weirdo.

enough nostalgia from me. 
I've got an exam this week so I'm going MIA till the weekend.
Are there any other Pete Yorn gems I'm missing?
He's got a great voice!

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