Tuesday, September 3, 2013

we had such an amazing time at Captiva.
The weather could not have been more gorgeous,
the sea could not have been warmer,
and the company could not have been better. 

We set out SUPER early, 
getting up at 5, 
and arriving just in time for breakfast. 

And of course,
We wasted no time hitting the beach!
Oh yes, and this happened.
I love my rainbow-umbrella-toting awesome and confident man 

My Dad and Papou, 
contemplating the mysteries of life...
or what's for dinner

Peter and my Sister...
and the rainbow umbrella, of course

Captiva's beaches are literally crawling with coquinas
a beautiful bivalve mollusk that burrows into the sand with a foot-like body

Naturally, Peter had to find them immediately

see the foot thing?? DO YOU SEE IT???

They come in so many colors and patterns!
If you're ever at a beach in Florida,
dig around a bit in the sand right where the waves hit
They can be found on both coasts, as far as I know.

That night, we watched an incredible sunset from the beach...
it was perfect
{in of spite the 27 bug bites I obtained right on my arse}

Being artsy fartsy and crap

Just look at that sky. LOOK AT IT.

And that face.

And that sky and that face {or the back of it, anyway)

Somehow it seems the sunset becomes even more stunning once the sun has slipped away behind the water
The sky turns deeps shades of blue, purple and blush
and the tips of the clouds look as if they were delicately painted by an impressionist.

Hope you guys are having an awesome short week.
Did you catch any ridiculous sunsets?
Hit any pretty beaches? 



Photos taken with iPhone, Nikon D5100 and Android
Edited with afterlight, beautiful mess app and/or God.
so not kidding about that 3rd one. 

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