Weekend Wanders

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

This weekend was pretty uneventful
But in a good way. 
One of my roommates' friends came to visit
from out of town. 
And guys....

She brought a puppy.

A teeny-tiny
nine-week old slice of preciousness.
Who clearly has no idea how to control her teeny tiny body

It was a good weekend. 
The girls asked me to watch her while they were at church
Such a HUGE inconvenience...

Promise I am not usually this crabby in the AM. {oh wait, yes I am.}

Tiana's boy, Noah was clearly obsessed and thought that he had somehow fathered a child in spite of his pretty obvious lack of cajones 
I didn't have the heart to break it to him.

If you're not dying right now, then you clearly have no soul  are not normal, my friend.

Oh yea, and then this happened
Yep. This is totally cool with me.

After the pup and her Momma hit the road,
I decided to actually get some work done
{rather than sleep 23 hours of the day away}

So I did a 5 pm run.
Big. Mistake.

Someone should have kindly reminded me 
that 5 pm in Florida 
might as well be 12 noon. 
By the end of it I was dying.
I need to get back into shape, guys!

Oh well. 
This rainbow over the ocean kinda made it worth it.

Please don't mind the red dirt left on my sneakers from the roadtrip through the Grand Canyon/Arches one whole year ago. Yea. I know. Pretty gross.
I then found this fellow clinging to the side of the pool.
Don't worry, 
I let him out well away from the pups
But not before snapping a couple photos to look up what species he was later

How was your weekend, folks?
Peter is making Pizza with roasted veggies from his garden for dinner tonight.
Needless to say, 
I am jealous. 
Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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