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Saturday, August 17, 2013

I've been meaning to post this for ages
When I first got my iPhone, 
my Dad showed me these three apps for Orthodox Christians
They're all very useful 
and I wanted to share, 
in case there are other Orthodox folks out there
who might get some use out of them:

The first one is the Daily Readings App
It's great because if you're ever wondering if it's a fast or feast day,
the first page of the app tells you!

In addition it has the daily readings
and Saints and Feast days that you might not know about.
{drumroll, please}
it's free
For a dollar, 
you can get a more comprehensive version of the app.
But the free version works just fine as well.

Then there's the Pray Always App
You might remember the little red Orthodox Prayer books

if you're an old geezer like me.
This app is similar to that book, 
albeit less comprehensive.

I find it good for saying prayers before Holy Communion
Although it kinda looks shady
being on your phone in church...
oh well. 
I still like it. 

You read that right.
for only $2.99 you get the. whole. bible. 
on your phone. 
Or at least the new testament. 
still impressive, if you ask me. 

not to mention, super useful. 
Hopefully one day they'll get the old testament on there as well.

So that's that. 
Needless to say,
No one paid me to write this.
Just thought some other Orthodox Christians 
{such as the newly illumined Peter ;)
might get some good use out of these apps. 

Happy Weekend, everyone!

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