Last Weekend

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So the last post described what went on last weekend
in regards to the Orthodox Chrismation service
Here's a few leftover photos
of my wonderful family 
and the friends who came 
to support the newly illumined Peter
(don't you love how that sounds? I do!)

Enjoy (:

Before the chrismation, we spent the morning walking around New Castle, Delaware

the guys

doesn't my Mom have the loveliest smile?

the brothers. can you tell they're related (it's the beards) {<--extra points if you knew that was an LOTR quote}

Peter's koumbara with our family, Father James and his daughter

my brother and I used to say we were going to get married when we were really little. Fortunately for Peter {and pretty much everyone involved,} we have since grown out of this phase
My cousin Katia. People say we look like sisters; I don't see it but I take it as a complement since she's utterly gorgeous and all ;)
my favorite photo of the entire weekend. It was heart-melting to see how this little guy and his brothers, who Peter stayed with for a time, looked up to Peter. They were constantly all over him asking to be flipped,
tossed, raced and played games with. sigh.

After my cousins and brother headed back North, Peter took us to this state park near his home 
to show us where he runs

more sighs.
That last one's from Peter's brand new fish eye camera! 
It's teeny tiny and SUPER cool. 
Here's a photo of me NOT figuring out how to take a photo with it: 

And that's all, folks.
Hope everyone has a good week! 
And Happy Panagias (or whatever we say on the dormition of the Theotokos)

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