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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


In case you haven't noticed,
Life has taken a turn for the busier these past weeks
apologies for the zero two people who might actually read this thing.

But it is about time I share some awesome links, no?
I mean, 
it's a hell of a lot easier than actually writing a thoughtful post
AND means I don't clutter Peter's inbox with articles and links that he might find interesting. 
Let's begin, shall we?

Have you ever thought about unconditional love? 
It's sooo easy (and super nice) to receive it (thanks, dogs around the world)
But what about giving it?
food for thought.

I am currently listening to this on audiobook and I love it.
The BBC show version is on netflix-
go check it out!

Can you say awesome in Swedish?

Med talk:
This is crazy. That is all.

I find it amazing that even in a huge American city like Chicago,
an abandoned building can still exist
Has anyone been to any of these places? 
I'd love to go to Sorrento 

I love Wes Anderson
I LOVED Moonrise Kingdom
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sweet wedding shoot

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