First Week, Third Year

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So, uh,
I started my clinical years of medical school this week
in psychiatry, no less.
In the span of two days I have met 
a teenager who has been pregnant twice in a month,
a man with homicidal thoughts,
and countless suicide attempts,
bipolar patients,
and children who seem to have no moral compass.

It's fascinating, intimidating, and heartbreaking all at once. 
I think it's safe to say, 
I am going to prefer third year to the first two years of medical school. 

This weekend, 
Peter came to visit us in our new beach house!
another roommate, K, had two friends visiting as well, 
so we had a bit of a full house.

I introduced Peter to my colleagues and classmates

and awkwardly showed off where I now live

We attempted to lay in the sand a bit, 

but alas, the Florida weather would have none of that nonsense, 
and kept us away from the beach for most of the weekend 
Peter was heartbroken. 

the crummy weather didn't interfere with Peter's cooking skills
He made us the yummiest peperonata with chicken

a satisfied chef

yes, we lit candles. because we are romantical.

the best recipe for the peperonata can be found here
*cough* skip the sugar *ahem* COUGH
Peter's got a soft spot for Waitrose,
as he worked there growing up as a bag boy. 

This weekend I go HOME
to welcome my sister back from the heart of darkness Sub-Saharan Africa,
(sorry, that was the literary nerd in me.)
which she has somehow managed to navigate WITHOUT contracting malaria
unlike another family member that we know
(looking at you, Dad.)

Hope everyone has a lovely and safe fourth of July!
Let freedom reign 
and fireworks fly high
(ideally without anyone catching flame in the process.)

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