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Monday, June 17, 2013

After a ROUGH week
(all I have to say about USMLE Step 1 is
F!*@% you! 
sorry about that.)
and the daunting task of packing ahead of me
I FINALLY get to move into the new beach house Friday! 

I am beyond excited/thrilled/happy
but I will definitely be missing Tallahassee.
I don't care what anyone says about this terribly misplaced capital
(fun fact: it was chosen as the capital back in the 19th century,
because back then no one could imagine ANYONE wanting to live anywhere South of Orlando,
as it was seen as a wretched place of swamps, humidity 
and a disturbing alligator-to-human ratio.
It still is most of those things, 
but now we have canals
and also South Beach.)

Tallahassee is an awesome little town. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful, sunny and productive week!

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