Music Monday

Monday, June 3, 2013

And now for something completely different

I always talk about how rock and it's many sub-genres 
are the only kinds of music that really get my heart pumping.
To be honest, 
that's only partly true.
And that is only PARTLY due to my Celine Dion love affair.

If I was being COMPLETELY honest,
I'd tell you traditional Greek music
particularly the Cretan variety,
gives my heart an inexplicable thrill,
regardless of my current mood or location... 

I'm far too practical to believe that this is due to the strong mountain blood of my ancestors coursing through my veins 
(I am, after all, only one-quarter Cretan;
the rest of me is Greek mutt- 
plus I'm a third gen Greek
so I might as well be an Ashley or a Brittany 
as far as heritage goes.)

I prefer to think
(and hope I am right)
that this music is just universally stirring
that it makes anyone who hears it 
want to shoot a cold raki 
(or a warm rakomelo,)
leap up and grab hands with their friends and neighbors
and dance 

maybe not quite like that...

that's more like it. source.
So, I hope you guys enjoy this more traditional music Monday
Maleviziotis is my favorite Cretan dance to do.
The steps are very small and fast
and I totally fail in the elegance department, 

but boy,
do I love this dance.

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