Music Monday

Monday, April 15, 2013

I really like country.

and I REALLY like folk.
So you  can imagine what a giddy school child I become 
when I discover an artist or song that marries the two perfectly 
(props to you, Rolling Stones
And if you don't love Neil Young, 
then you probably should be here. 
Go on, now. 
Let's not make this awkward....
 Oh, and also The Byrds.
I have mad love for those guys.
Shout out to Chris Hillman!) 

And when an artist or group from MY  generation 
gets their honky tonk folk rock on
- Looking at you, Mumfords and Truckers-
my gen X heart just swells right up with pride

So without further ado,
Ladies and Gentlemen, 
let's have a fine welcome for Ray LaMontagne!

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