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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Well hello there internet friends who follow my blog (aka no one).  My bad for dipping out on you like that. Peter's been in town, you see, and seeing as he is 99.9% of my readership (the .01% is for people who stumble on this blog, see an awkward photo of a goat, and leave) I figured I wouldn't be greatly missed.

Peter and I had a blast these past 2 weeks. Among the shenanigans we got ourselves into, a few stand out:

1. Sheet fort building
2. home-made pizza making (twice because we are fat kids)
3. Long hikes with the neighbor's dog
4. mechanical bull-riding (and a feeble attempt at line-dancing)

5. fancy ball-gala-thingy attendance

6. breakfast and dancing with the-greatest-Papou-in-the-world
7. deep bonfire philosophical conversations with a deacon, a writer, a physicist (aka Peter, duh) and a supermomma
My father and I discussing the finer things in life.
You can tell from the picture that he is hanging on to every word I say

8. vintage camera repairing and photo-shooting
9. One tragically unfruitful pancake adventure
10. one successful trip to Thomasville, GA

And of course lots of thanking God that Peter is finally here (same time zone! woo!)

I was having so much fun that up until nearabouts the last minute I didn't even notice that Peter was going to have to leave soon and remained stupidly cheerful up until probably last night. Even now that he's gone, it is hard for me to be too sad and mopey because leaving for Delaware is quite different from leaving for Greece (same time zone! woohoo!) <-- has this gotten old yet? tough, I'ma keep saying it!

Regardless, Peter was sad to be going, and who can blame him, as he's heading to a completely new place with no friends or any idea what it will be like, a new job in a new field and some pretty lousy weather (cold + rainy = the worst!) Although normally I am the obnoxious/clingy one who tends to be a little emotionally needy, I managed to rise to the occasion on this one. 

As Peter walks away through security, normally we throw each other totally sappy forlorn glances and more than enough sad waves and blown kisses to make even Nicholas Sparks want to hurl. So this time I decided to lighten the mood. Every time Peter's eyes met mine across the crowded security line, I made a totally weird and/or embarrassing motion. I started off with a few over the top hand gestures: 

done out of love, people!

90s child, born and raised

I then proceeded to move into some fairly embarrassing dance moves. 

(why yes, I AM the worst girlfriend ever.) 

Laugh all you want, dear readers. (a) that's kind of the point, and (b) neither of us could keep the foolish grins off of our faces. I think this may have to become a parting-at-the-airport tradition!

καλή δύναμη in Delaware, Peter. I know you will be great.



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