I have 6,395 songs in my itunes

Sunday, February 24, 2013

It used to be upwards of 10,000
but technology hates me (The story on that is a veritable Tess of the D'Urbervilles, in which all apple products play the villain Alec. Alas, there is neither time nor space here to list my indignances here.) 

The REAL tragedy here, 
is that of those 6,395 songs, 
only 48 are Celine Dion. 

It's 9:20 on Sunday night,
I am WAY behind for my exam
and WAY WAY behind on my sleep
The only thing to get me through the final study push for tonight is melodramatic lyrics and powerful, emotional vocals. 

And perhaps the  biggest tragedy is that I am not ashamed.
Not one iota. 
Love you, Celine <3 

EDIT: This morning I realized that it is just a TEENY bit possible that this post is the result of some major pre-menstrual emotionality...

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  1. You and Celine :) I hope the exam went well in the end.