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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Hi! It's been a minute, hasn't it? Getting back to work after a long time away can be quite a jolting experience, one that pulls me from this space for awhile. The fact that my mood correlates so strongly with the temperature doesn't help, though I'm thankful the New York winter decided to show its ugly face as late as it did. Oh well, it had to start some time, right? And we've got an unusually busy travel itinerary the next few months, which is great- it's always nice to have a warmer climate to look forward to this time of year. Here's a few interesting links and articles I've been discovering lately.

Our first trip this spring is Israel- not a destination I felt super strongly about visiting, but since diving into books and articles about the country's rich and sometimes turbulent history and culture, I'm wondering if the 4 days we tagged on to Peter's work trip will be enough! I suspect the answer is no...either way this brief article about Tel Aviv, sold me on a city I really didn't know much about before this trip. Most vegetarian-vegan friendly city in the world? I'm in!

This piece on surviving the cold on Man Repeller was a refreshing break from prior pieces on the subject. I'm all for hygge and koselig, but sometimes you just need to have a margarita themed dance party and use blankets as a fashion statement (the people of Lesotho are exceptionally good at the latter, as exhibited here.)

Not sure where this stained glass art trend came from, but I'm into it. Colorful macaw wall hanging, anyone? Also loving this beautiful, less expensive piece (especially if you're on the hygge bandwagon!)

Also on the topic of hygge and home, I've been on the hunt for a vintage pendleton blanket for quite a while, mostly to save money but also because I kind of love some of the older designs. If I were to get a new blanket, I love the line designed by Native American artists (this one's my favorite) with the National Parks line being a close second

Speaking of National Parks, I'm so grossed out that the shutdown led to atrocities such as this one. Can't believe someone thought this was ok!! Here's an article on how to help the parks get through the shut down (hint: it starts with not marring the landscape and cutting down trees and ends with just don't effing litter, ok? Jeez it's like people were raised without common sense or decency...)

It's not to late to get a flu vaccine if you haven't already! It's not just about you, you know- this youtube video has a great explanation about how your life choices impact the lives and safety of others. And while your at it, if  get your goddamn measles vaccines too!! Seriously can't believe we're even talking about this in the 21st century (this applies to those who haven't gotten them :)) but we've had so many cases in the New York area due to under-vaccination and loss of herd immunity. Bottom line: vaccines save lives. Just get your shots!!

Lastly, this global eclectic Bahamas house is design goals for me! Wood + persion rug + lots of green accents = swoon-worthy home, IMO.

Ok that's all for now. Will try to throw another post up next week. Have a good one, y'all!

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