Thursday, March 5, 2015

I visited North Carolina twice last month- both weekends were very different, but totally worth it. These photos are from the first one, when I visited one of my best friends from medical school in Charlotte. We stayed up till 2 the first night (partly because we were both so thrilled to see each other and partly because she just came off a week of night shifts,) but the photos stop abruptly after our short-lived hike, as K got a nasty gastro bug. The rest of the weekend thus took a more laid back tone revolving around saltine crackers, flat ginger-ale and The Fault in Our Stars (yea, sobfest!)

In spite of this, Charlotte was a lovely city and I can't wait to visit again. Apart from poor K's stomach bug we ate SO well, and for the beer-lovers, the microbrewery scene is supposed to be unreal. Noteable places include:

1) Cabo Fish Tacos - sooooo good!!
2) Amelie's Bakery - great chai tea, even better French sandwiches
3) Lang Van Vietnamese - amazing, traditional food that's worth the wait
4) Toast Cafe - tasty brunch, but small plate sizes
5) 7th Street Public Market - pictured above, we had a great ginger chai tea here as well as a tasty breakfast!

Truth is, I needed a relaxed weekend more than I needed the high energy one K had originally planned. Thanks so much for having me, girl! Can't wait to visit again soon!

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