Blue Ridge Parkway

Sunday, March 8, 2015

With just a few hours left till both Peter and I had to leave, we decided to take a drive through the Blue Ridge Parkway. Only a small part of it was open, which suited us just fine as we didn't have much time.

The snow, the quiet and the naked trees gave the whole drive a moody feeling. I can't wait to come back in the summer, and maybe even get out there and do some hiking. We'd love to do the whole thing end to end one day.

Favorite shot of the guys ^^
 The Fisheye photos were a little too dark, unfortunately. It's a learning process.

 We didn't take engagement photos, but occasionally we'll get a cute shot like this one and I don't mind so much :)

Hope you enjoyed these. I've said it before, I'm somewhat writing this blog without a ton of direction, but whichever way it's going, it's definitely helped Peter and I both hone our photography skills. Thanks for coming along for the ride (:


  1. These photos are AMAZING!!! I'm dying to go on a roadtrip through the south -- looks so beautiful! Well done Georgia!

    1. Hey! Thanks so much for the kind comment! I very often have no clue what I am doing with our camera and really admire the work of seasoned bloggers so your feedback means a lot to me :)